Boost Your Employee Engagement - Think Globally, Travel More, Share Your Message

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Boost Your Employee Engagement - Think Globally, Travel More, Share Your Message

Boost Your Employee Engagement - Think Globally, Travel More, Share Your Message

Think Globally, Act Locally—Empower Local Leaders and Editors

First used in the context of addressing environmental challenges, the phrase “Think globally, act locally” has taken on meaning in a variety of fields. With many of today’s leading companies dispersed around the globe, effective internal communications often need to reflect concerns that are location-specific and best addressed by firsthand observations. Local topics are generally far more relevant to your employees. The insights of a local plant manager as opposed to a CEO can be a great way to promote culture, strategy, and engagement. Think about preparing a playbook for local communications, and help your local leaders and communicators learn best practices that embrace the specifics of their particular location. Find a good balance between centrally-created content and local stories, freely told with limited regulation (see point #18).

Travel More

In an era when mobile phones and video conferencing have changed the ways employees interact, many companies view business travel as an extravagant expense. But sitting in an office in front of a screen is no substitute for actually getting out on the road. Oxford Economics USA has found that the rate of converting prospects to actual customers almost doubles when face-to-face meetings are part of the equation. The same goes for your internal communication. In-person meetings can increase understanding and empathy, reduce miscommunication, and foster team spirit. In 2018, ask your boss to raise your travel budget. Tell him or her that technology shouldn’t always take the place of getting in front of your colleagues, meeting new people, and expanding your network.

Use Internal Influencers to Share Your Message

Related to the above ideas of empowering local communicators and traveling more is the realization that the most effective messages have the power of authenticity. Always try to find the best person to deliver important information. For example, a crucial safety announcement is best delivered by a worker who was actually affected by an incident or a near miss. Let proven internal influencers tell their stories and use them to dispatch your culture and key values. Build up a network of internal influencers from across your organization (many of whom you might meet while traveling) and offer your employees forums for feedback, like “Share Your Story.”

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